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What if your chosen friend could be trained by an expert to feel empowered to provide you with the best of both worlds? 

I have heard it time and time again, ‘Woah, that's how much a wedding planner is!? I feel like I have a friend that could do that for me!’ 

Listen, I get it. My services aren't for everyone. But that doesn't mean you can't still get the wedding of your dreams within your budget!

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My 30 day out checklist
Gratuity guideline
Marriage License Guidance
Timeline Assistance
Layout checklist
Vendor information and checklist
Emergency kit guidance and must haves
Day of tips – style guide – SDE Apron
One 1 hour strategy call with me to help your Best Friendor with any questions they have! I will be an open book, no questions are off limits!

This kit is everything your friend will need to give you the successful day you deserve:

the investment?

Every wedding MUST have a wedding planner - and you deserve to be walking down that aisle with someone you know, love, and trust behind you with one last fluff of your dress before you step forward! Maybe it can't be me, but is could be your friend!

Let's be real...

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